Cântecul tigrului


Anul apariției: 2019
Format: 120/155
Număr de pagini: 164
ISBN: 978-606-9028-18-6

Preț: 20 Ron


Claus Ankersen: Several of the poems in this collection have been translated into other languages and have either been published, performed, or both in different countries, testifying to the relevance and literary importance of my work. The poems deal with a wide range of contemporary challenges, such as the monopolization of collective memes by special interest groups in This seat is taken, ethnocentric construction of national stereotypes in Danenation and Legal Alien as well as examining ramifications of corporatism and inequality in Toxic Tuesday, Anatomy of Rage, and Song of the Tiger.

Most of the poems in the collections are contemporary free form poetry, spanning from the chaotic to the harmonic, soon they are hard and wild, only to soothe and calm, testifying to an underlying sense of zen hovering beteween the lines of the poems. Linguistic invention, neologisms, metaphors and countless references to pop-culture and mystical entities are among the many facets of my repertoire.